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Moscow spreads over Europe!

Moscow spreads over Europe!

The Moscow Tourism Committee is taking to the road and teamed up with City Sightseeing Worldwide—the world’s #1 open-top doubledecker bus tour operator—to launch a major advertising campaign on buses across Europe.

It’s a first for the Moscow tourist authorities—hoping to double over the next few years the five million foreign visitors welcomed to the Russian capital in 2013.

Moscow is rapidly changing, transforming and improving its tourist infrastructure with new hotels, new services and attractions to meet surging demand for visits to one of Europe’s most exciting megacities.

The bus poster blitz is to help bring the reality of a trip to Moscow a little closer for Europeans—and intended to entice some to visit the Russian megalopolis in the near future with a glimpse of the stunning sights which await.

Sergei P. SHPILKO, Chairman on the Moscow Tourism Committee said: “Moscow has changed immensely, especially in the last few years. It deserves to become the new geographical discovery on the tourist map of the world. This is a very lively, vibrant, dynamic city where the tone has been set by a new multi-cultural and multi-lingual generation, unencumbered by stereotypes of the past.”

“An example of one of the new tourist services developed here are the City Sightseeing doubledecker bus tours integrated into boat tours along the Moskva river. That gave us the idea to use the same kind of buses to advertise Moscow across Europe,” said Mr. Shpilko.

“But as we say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Come for yourself to see the Russian capital—and compare the memories of a lifetime you’ll experience here to the myths you might have heard beforehand!”

The first campaign will be launched this autumn on City Sightseeing doubledeckers in Rome, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tallinn and several Spanish cities including Sevilla, Málaga, Córdoba and Granada—as well as other Russian cities, St. Petersburg and Kazan.

Enrique YBARRA, President of City Sightseeing Worldwide said: “This is a huge European-wide campaign that we are proud to be associated with. City Sightseeing buses are recognized around the globe for quality tourism and are bound to help with the promotion of Moscow to the international travelers.”

The face of Moscow on the posters is one of the country’s best-known television presenters. Yulia Shapovalova is often the face of Russia too across the world in her job as anchor to millions of viewers of RT—the global English-language TV channel broadcasting 24/7 live from Moscow.

“Moscow is a city of diversity and dramatic contrasts. Just as it can be scorching hot in summer and freezing cold in winter, the pace of life can range from dynamic and frenetic it you’re enjoying some of the city’s nightlife, to the serene and graceful you’ll find at the city’s great restaurants or cultural jewels like the Bolshoi Theatre,” said Mrs. Shapovalova.

“Skating on ice or sweltering in the banya or sauna, exploring galleries or listening to some of the world’s greatest musicians—Russia’s always challenging and never boring. Everyone should get a taste of Moscow—you’ve not seen the world until you’ve seen it!

Take a picture of a CitySightseeing doubledecker bus with the #visitMoscow advertisement in one of the European cities mentioned above, and post it on your Twitter or Instagram with a #visitMoscow hashtag. Those whose pictures get the most likes or re-tweets will win a one-year City Sightseeing tour pass to 100+ cities of the world, courtesy of the Moscow Tourism Committee and City Sightseeing Worldwide.

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