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Red City Sightseeing Buses Go GREEN!

Red City Sightseeing Buses Go GREEN!

City Sightseeing has an excellent reason to celebrate at WTM this year (7 - 11 November 2011) as they launch the world’s first low-floor hybrid technology open top bus.

Hybrid buses run on electric motors which are powered by batteries. The batteries are charged by regenerated braking when the bus slows down or by a small diesel engine. Using hybrid power reduces the amount of fuel used by around 30% and reducing the carbon footprint of the tour.

These buses will be beneficial to cities that have air quality management zones or areas of historic interest that wish to reduce their overall air pollution and noise as the hybrid system runs quieter than traditional diesel buses. They also have the added benefit of being low-floor and easy access for tourists with mobility concerns.

Enrique Ybarra – City Sightseeing CEO said: “We are delighted to be launching the world’s first hybrid bus at such an important tourism event. At City Sightseeing we care for the environment and are introducing a series of sustainable initiatives. We believe the introduction of hybrid buses to be one the most important.

“We have identified several cities where operating hybrid buses could be the preferred option and with our partners ADL and UNVI we can deliver a realistic environmental alternative for these locations and their visitors.”

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