City Sightseeing Palermo  

City Sightseeing Palermo

Discover all the great things to do and see in Palermo with City Sightseeing

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City Sightseeing Palermo

- Includes 1 route(s)

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+39 091589429

Line A: Teatro Politeama (via Emerico Amari 142).
Line B: Teatro Politeama (via Emerico Amari 142).
Line Palermo-Monreale: Teatro Politeama - Change bus at the bus stop 7 - coinciding with line A

Line A: 60 mins
Line B: 50 mins
Line Palermo-Monreale: 120 mins


Line A:
from 1 Apr. to 4 Nov. from 9,30 to 17,00 every 30 mins
from 1 Jul. to 15 Sep.: 1 additional departure 18,00
from 5 Nov. to 31 Mar.: 10,00 - 10,30 - 11,00 - 11,30 - 12,00 - 12,30 - 13,00


Line B:
from 1 Apr. to 4 Nov.: 14,00 - 14,40 - 15,20 - 16,00 - 17,00
from 1 Dec to 31 Mar: 13,30 - 14,30

Line A + Monreale:
from April to October: 9,40 - 10,30 - 11,30 - 12,30 - 15,00 - 16,00


Line A: All year round
Line B: All year round
Line Palermo-Monreale: from April to October


24 hrs lines A-B

Pre-recorded English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese.

Two routes - one ticket on a Palermo sightseeing bus!

Palermo is the chief town of Sicily, the name derived from the Greek 'Panormus' - meaning 'All Port'. With City Sightseeing Palermo, you will enjoy an exciting visit, starting from the terminal outside the Politeama Theatre, overlooking the square of the same name. We travel in front of the Massimo Theatre and continue towards Piazza Quattro Canti and the nearby Vucciria Market. The tour continues towards the botanical gardens, passing near Palazzo Steri. After a quick glance of the central station, you will find yourself in the vicinity of the Royal Palace, the Flea Market and the Cathedral before returning to the terminal along the ancient via Roma. The second route of Palermo City Sightseeing takes you to the beautiful villas of Palermo. Starting from the terminal outside the Politeama Theatre and past the gorgeous English Garden, the bus tour continues towards Villa Malfitano and wonderful Zisa Castle. The bus tour continues passing near the Mercato del Capo and the Massimo Theatre, towards the port and then returns to the terminal in Politeama Square.

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