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The Maltese islands offer 7,000 years of history with numerous unique cultural, historical and megalithic sites. The islands boast prehistoric ruins older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. Malta is significant in the legacy of the medieval order of the Knights of St John, who used the island as their stronghold for defending Christendom. Malta and its little sister island, Gozo, enjoy a calendar which is filled with spring carnivals and summertime 'festas' with fireworks in honour of village patron saints.

Take advantage of 5 key stops on the City Sightseeing Malta tour. Malta’s “3 Cities” offer a fascinating glimpse into Malta’s past and the village of Tarxien with its rich heritage sites, including The Tarxien Tample, which date back to the Copper Age. Enjoy the countryside at the Montekristo estates and learn about local crafts and wine making. Marsaxlokk is one of Malta’s most picturesque traditional fishing villages and the Blue Grotto, carved by years of persistent sea erosion, offers breath-taking sights and an optional boat tour.

Gozo is steeped in history and has plenty to offer. Visit the famous ancient Citadel in Victoria, Gozo’s capital, which was fortified at around 1500 BC. On one side of Mgarr Harbour is Fort chambray, built by the Knights of St. John in 1749, which majestically guards the harbour from its vantage point. The church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes is a prominent landmark overlooking the harbour. The tour visits the fascinating and ancient Ggantuja Temples and Fungus Rock. A trip to Gozo is not complete without experiencing the most popular attraction at Dwejra, The Azure Window, which is a monumental limestone archway created by thousands of years of sea erosion.

Enjoy a Maltese island tour with Citysightseeing Malta and City Sightseeing Gozo to discover these fascinating, ancient islands for yourself. Let City Sightseeing highlight all of the attractions and points of local interest, to help you make the most of your stay.

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