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About Aveiro

Situated about halfway between Porto and Coimbra, the old port and fishing town of Aveiro is situated on the estuary of the Rio Vouga.

Long known as the Venice of Portugal, Aveiro is dominated by the Central Canal running through town, extensively crossed by canals throughout giving the city an individual character. In the old quarter tourists can see The town's canals, bridges and quaint whitewashed pastel-coloured houses of the fishermen which are somewhat reminiscent of Amsterdam and at the centre of it all is a bustling fish market. the Mercado do Peixe, an auction of the fish caught during the night.

The preservation of many medieval features has made Aveiro a very attractive town, enhanced by the beautiful local boats the Barcos Moliceiros and many magnificent Art Nouveau buildings and house fronts decorated with beautiful Azulejos which can be seen whilst touring this delightful town..

Around 8km south is the town of Ilhavo, like Aveiro, the district capital, the sea has always determined and conditioned the life of the local population at this county situated in a vast plain of lagoons. Here the local crafts have other treasures to offer with a long tradition of works in clay and ceramics Ilhavo is the home of the world famous fine porcelain factory of "Vista Alegre" founded in 1824 - a name renowned in the world of fine porcelain.

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