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Spain is a country with a rich and varied history which is also famous for being a land of many, diverse regions and for its welcoming citizens. Modern Spain is a progressive and cosmopolitan society which offers much more than the iconic traditions of sangria, sombreros and bull fights.

Barcelona is Spain's showcase of the unique architectural style of Gaudi's bizarre organic turrets and balconies. Spain is a country rich in heritage and the historic cities of Seville and Granada present a wealth of early Christian and Moorish buildings and monuments, as well as the remains of some incredible medieval sites.

Benalmadena is home to Tivoli World Park, the largest theme park on the Costa, from which you can also take a cable-car to Mount Carramolo! Or you may prefer to keep your feet on the ground and soak up the sun on the beautiful Malapesquera Beach or visit historic Bil-Bil Castle.

Cadiz is home to a number of significant churches such as Iglesia de la Palma, Iglesia del Carmen and Iglesia del Rosario, a range of museums, and delightful beaches. For a fantastic view of Cádiz, hop off at the Torre Tavira and gaze through the Cámara Obscura, one of the city’s most popular attractions.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the largest city in the Canary Islands, is known for being home to several famous writers and artists, and their works are displayed at a number of central museums. Take in stunning scenery and take pleasure in the island’s activities such as swimming, diving, surfing, football and all manner of water sports which can be found on the golden sands.
Swim in calm waters and enjoy stunning mountain views in the delightful Santa Cruz de Tenerife. See the great artificial lake, peruse the dazzling display of more than 300 stalls selling fresh local produce and discover more about Tenerife’s rich history and thriving arts scene at the city’s museums.

Spain has six cities that have been declared Unesco World Heritage sites – see many of these fantastic locations with a City Sightseeing tour!


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